Argentina | 2019

Argentina is always an amazing place to visit for me, from its views to its food, they never fail to amaze me in some way. Buenos Aires, in particular, is a place that had a combination of South America flavors with some European hints to it.

This was my third time to visit Argentina, and it was different from the first two trips I took. One of the reasons was: 1. I stayed there for an entire month during the winter/fall season, this is something I don’t normally do but it gave me the opportunity to see everything and helped me learn the culture better; and 2. this was different because I went there with someone special, and even though we are two different people, this trip opened me up to really great experiences that I didn’t know I was missing out on and I have to partially thank him for that.

Buenos Aires gets a bad rep for being unsafe, but I felt very safe walking around. The people were nice and friendly, and even though not everybody can speak in English, they really try their best to communicate with you. But just like any place, you still have to be cautious and wary where you go but aside from that, Buenos Aires is a safe place to go to.

Some of the places that I explored in my month-long trip were the Perito Moreno Glaciers in Santa Cruz Province, the wineries and vineyards in Mendoza, but my favorite was walking the beautiful streets of Palmero.

One thing is for sure, Argentinian food is really good. They weren’t kidding when they said they had the best steaks in the world, and they also have some pretty delicious empanadas. What I noticed was that there is a good mix of really cheap and really expensive restaurants, and I was fortunate enough to try restaurants from both ranges.

If you wanna take a trip similar to this, minus the month-long stay, I’m personally leading an expedition in April 2020 for Latin America. We feature three countries namely Peru, Brazil, and Argentina.

Hope to catch you guys there!

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Gracias! See you!

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