For me the best place to get sangria and shop for Zara! This was my fifth time in Barcelona, Candice my friend who travels with me most of the time specifically requested this to me when we went to Iceland last October.  l I honestly did not want to go back to Spain anymore, I went to Spain 4 times this month because of a man. I know it was silly but I really had fun, the craziest thing is I only saw him once during all these four trips and I don’t talk to him anymore. It’s amazing how many stories I have for every place I visit the world.

One thing I absolutely love doing whenever I am in Barcelona is going to La Boqueria, as suggested by a Spanish friend, Jorge, he has been very helpful lately about giving tips whenever I am traveling around Europe. I wonder how this guy remembers names of the restaurants, cafes, and museums.  He's just amazing and very smart because he's a Petroleum Engineer in Madrid, never knew this job existed in the world.  

This year I broke my heart so badly over a wrong man, I thought he liked and all but I ended up ruining everything, I won't blame him because I am responsible for my own happiness. I love watching sunsets everywhere I go, it reminds me that there's always something beautiful to look forward to no matter how hard life is. Moving forward after four months, I am the happiest woman now. I even said sorry to several times even I did not do anything but he won't respond and obviously, he's into confrontations. Heyyy hope you are doing well and I miss talking to you, let's make peace soon. I still send you postcards from everywhere I go. 

Espero Verte Pronto!

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