Malapascua and Kalanggaman Island

    The second destination for our #Lucky13Philippines is Malapascua with a day trip to Kalanggaman Leyte. I’ve been wanting to visit this place for a very long time, I know it’s very famous for diving and snorkeling, fun fact I can’t swim, I actually don’t know why I never learned, I am very active and fit (I think) but it always feels like I way too heavy to be in the water. I live in Manila and I am telling you, the Philippines is not Manila, normally our country is being judged by how unsafe foreigners think our capital is, well can’t really blame them I mean I myself I feel that too sometimes. This is the thing about provinces in the Philippines, everything feels safe and different, this is where you feel how hospitable and nice Filipinos are. Cebuanos, in general, stole my heart, they always welcome you with a big smile and they always do their best to talk to you even you are a Foreigner. Malapascua is a very peaceful and quiet place for me, locals were friendly and helpful, I mean they know their source of income is the tourism so they look after every tourist, this is just my observation, everyone has something to say so this does not mean what I am saying here is 101% reliable.

    Moving forward, Kalanggaman Island didn’t fail I swear, it was so beautiful and out of this world that I totally forgot about how scary our boat ride was going to this island. I just the best time here so most of the shots of our video were taken here instead of Malapascua. This place felt like the real Philippines, away from everything, the Philippines I imagined when I started this campaign, I don’t want to be in a city anymore. Cities scare me, I feel like I always need to look after myself and my things, no matter how careful I am something could happen anytime. We spent one full day in Kalanggaman and I swear I am going back to Leyte to revisit this island again. One point for Leyte! Sorry Cebu, better luck next time! I am looking forward to doing MoalBoal and Kawasan Falls after I finish this campaign and my other work travels. This time I tried to experiment on Instagram by posting a meet and greet in Cebu a night before flying back to Manila. This one definitely did not disappoint in any way, aside from 321 people sending me messages me on Instagram, 14 people actually showed up despite it was a weekday and they had work the next day. This was the most beautiful part of this video, the moment I heard all these people talking about how I inspire them by just posting my photos and stories on Instagram. I’ve always wanted to meet my followers in real life, I get thousands of messages and emails but this was very special to me, meeting all these people who look up to me gave me the strength to go on with what I am doing. This made me feel I am on the right track and I will always try my best to help people via social media even by just posting inspiration write-ups about not giving up in life. We all carry our own burdens, people who work hard they always get fruits of their labor in the end. The thing about life is that it is very simple but never easy. We always have a choice, because everyone is inlove with their comfort zones so we end up choosing the easier path but regretting everything in the end. Great things take time, nothing comes easy. There are people who followed me on Instagram when I was just starting out six years ago, they saw me from day one up to today, so these people know the ladder I climbed up to be here. This didnt happen overnight, for things we love need a lot of hard work and patience every single day, why? Because these things give us meaning to be alive, we can’t live an empty life, it is very difficult but victory always awaits behind that fear that is holding you from doing what you ever want to do.

  I did a talk the other day and I just want to share this simple message, “Don’t drop your job to travel, the world is not going anywhere, your age is. Work on your career, be stable in life, we need money to survive and live a good life. Stop comparing yourself to people you see on Instagram but instead be someone in your own industry. Social media is no longer inspiring, you spend half of your life browsing other’s people shit and feel miserable about yourself. Everyone is different, let’s all be a good example to younger generations.”

     Thank you, Air Asia Philippines and Travel Club PH for making this trip possible for us!  #TravelwithAccess to Cebu. Kindly visit or follow us on Instagram @accesstravelph. Meet up with followers link below to my Youtube.

Malapascua from our resort where we stayed, the winds were insane and I was not able to fly my drone too high.I'm always afraid it might never come back! 

Can't wait to bring the love of my life here. Somedaaaay!

Seriously, one of the best sunsets are in the Philippines!

Hangtud a sunod nga higayon!

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