Bhutan is in my top 5 favorite countries, there’s nothing really fancy if you take a look at my favorite countries, they are always the simplest and wildest ones. I am not into cities and crowded places, it’s ironic how I love talking to people and yet I hate being in a crowd. I am into quiet and not visited places, maybe this is the reason why I never want to go back to places like Tokyo, Osaka, and so on. Seeing people stressing out about their lives give me a headache, I just could not work and focus when I am in this kind of situations. I was into wildlife, nature, national parks, forests, hiking and everything you can think that has something do with Mother Earth. Oh, and I went alone to Bhutan because no one wanted to go, they taught it was boring and obviously people of my age are always looking for places to party.

We drove to Punaka Dzong to spend two days here, I was with a private tour guide and a local driver.

Bhutanese Princess for a day. Best times in Bhutan!

Of course, I spent one day walking around wearing the national costume of Bhutan and people knew I was not a local or anything, I was just being crazy and enjoying my time in this beautiful country.


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