What comes to mind when someone says Cuba?

I first found out about his country five years ago from Beyonce, and ever since then, it’s been on my bucket list. Spending five days here gave me a glimpse of how life used to be back then, from old buildings to vintage cars. I felt safe here, even when I was carrying cameras! The people were amazing, friendly, and would usually approach me and ask me to take their photo.

I was detained in the Immigration for two hours but I managed to get out despite not speaking a word of Spanish. My take away from that experience is to always make sure I have internet and speak at least the basic language of the continent I’m visiting. For instance, in Latin America, they all speak Spanish, so I guess it’s time to learn this beautiful language soon!

While on this trip, I randomly asked a guy from Madrid to go out on a date with me.

This Cuba trip is definitely one of the books because of the amazing memories!

For private trips to Cuba you can send your inquiry to us via And this country is definitely 101% safe!

I can’t wait to bring more Filipinos here from everywhere in the world. This is helping me make my vision and mission alive, bringing every unknown destination closer to the Philippines. <3

Gracias! See you!

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