Three years ago, for my birthday I went to Finland and celebrated my birthday at the Santa Claus Village. So last February this year, my birth month, I went back alone to re-visit this destination for work and inspect the location again.

Unfortunately my friends had to cancel on me last minute because of some family matters, which I understood because of course family always comes first but I am the kind of person who never gives up on anything no matter what happens, so this setback didn’t really stop me from going. At first I was really sad about my friends not being able to come with me but I still pushed through with the trip, but because I’ve always been the kind of traveler who loves to explore on my own and to talk to locals about everything, I ended up having so much fun and made so many friends. In fact, I’m going back to Finland this December with my family to visit my Finnish friends again and I am so excited!

I think the best thing about traveling alone is that it opens me up to try new things and explore beyond what I can imagine. I would admit that it gets boring or sad sometimes but I enjoy it and it’s part of my job, a job which I love and I’m grateful for being able to do this.

During my trip, I explored so many places from Lapland to Rovaniemi and I’m excited to share more about this destination as we launch another Access Expedition, which I will lead personally, here in Finland!

Keep an eye out because we would be releasing the deets and dates soon. I cannot wait to take you guys here to explore and experience Finland, yay!

Check out the vlog below to see the highlights of my trip!

Kiitos! See you!

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