This was my second Iceland Expedition I led with some of the best people I’ve ever met!

You might be wondering why I chose this country; well, I think Iceland changed my career. This was the first tour I launched where I personally guided and fixed everything myself so this holds a special place in my heart. For our other tours, I have people all over the world helping me out but for this one, I personally went everywhere to fix every detail; from hotels to bus services to restaurants. These kinds of trips is where I see Access Travel going, this is what will set us apart from the available tours not just for the the Filipinos or in the Philippines but around the world and I am excited to see where this is headed.

So far, the most challenging part about this expedition is getting Filipinos to sign up for it because what I’ve noticed is that, in general, Filipinos only love eating, and shopping in cities but not really exploring outside their comfort zones, which is fine because I understand that every single traveler is different but I want to show more Filipinos the rest of the world.

When I launched Iceland, I had to do seven trips to educate and show via photos how amazing this country is. Until people finally understood it and was as amazed as I am that they started signing up for our trips. So far, Access has sent 80 people to this beautiful destination and I can’t wait to show more people the beauty of Iceland.

What I learned from this is that I have to stay focused and aware until I find the right people to take to places that are not your typical vacation destinations. But despite all the challenges, I love learning more about my business and I like how Access Travel evolves as a company because I’ve always been about hard work and doing challenging work to stay inspired and innovative.

If you’re interested, I’m leading another Iceland Access Expedition next year September 23 onwards, for more information you can visit our website Soon you can transact everything via online, and please take note this tour is open for everyone around the world, meet up is in Iceland on the second day.

Check out the vlog below and see the highlights of my trip!

Þakka þér fyrir! See you!

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