Iceland Aurora Borealis

Showing everyone compilation of all my Aurora shots from my seven visits in Iceland so far, obviously, now we all know why I am obsessed this ridiculously beautiful country, I could drive here nonstop without complaining. Believe it or not, but the whole business I plan it while driving around places. Most of my marketing plans this year were made while I was driving in Iceland. I hunt Aurora with my close friends in Iceland, recently I led a tour with 25 people from the Philippines, I showed them how beautiful this natural phenomenon is, some of them even cried when they saw Lady Aurora dancing for almost an hour. Best times with amazing people, can’t wait for 2018 tours. I love taking photos of everyone when they travel with me, that’s my difference from other travel companies, when you go with me you will get the best Aurora photo of your life.

My all-time favorite photo with one of my best friends Rhona. Look at you now, you are a Mother of a very beautiful angel. Can't wait to see you both!

And this is my favorite photo of myself, I have taken thousands of myself in Iceland but no photo beats this one. I will definitely have this photo printed one day for my future house. So many beautiful memories in Iceland with some of my favorite people. 

Taken near Reykjavik, this was my first official decent photo of Aurora, I had to practice for a very long time before I was able to take this photo. It seriously takes thousands of shots before you get the right one. I am not a Photographer but I always learn how to use my gear properly and I believe my photos are improving as I practice more each day. 

Ótrúlegir Tímar!

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