Iceland in Summer

If there’s one country you will be seeing again and again on this website is Iceland. Aside from I run tours in this country, I also love to be here once a year just to go away from all the stress of my life. When I went to Iceland four years ago I felt this connection with the place that made me go here for seven times already. People asked me why I went to Iceland because that time it was not really a big thing on the internet. Now people ask questions but like,  ” Why do you always go to Iceland?”, ” What’s really so fascinating about this place? and so on. Iceland is the only country I believe that I’ve seen during every season, I think Paris as well but I am quite sure about Iceland.

24/7 sunlight during summer. Rhona, Iurie and I went to the highlands to take some sick drone videos. 

Gaman að sjá þig heyra!

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