I’ve been wanting to visit Israel for a very long time, until last September of 2017 our partner emailed me asking if I wanted to join their group tour, of course, I said yes. For this country, I highly recommend joining a tour from the Philippines, aside from it’s easier to get permits, you will be accompanied by a Filipino priest as well. I must say I’ve never this fascinated with Jesus Christ, I am very strong faith in him but I am not religious at all. I don’t go to church every Sunday, I don’t even follow all the rules made my humans ( I know this is a very sensitive topic so I am gonna pass on it). This trip made my faith even stronger now, I can’t even find the right words to say thank you to the man above for giving me this opportunity to see all the places where Jesus was born, he cried his agony, his tomb and the exact location where he was crucified. To God be the glory! For our Holyland tours next year please visit

I waited so long to do this. BUCKETLIST: To see where Jesus was born! CHECK!

Finally, I was able to float in the Dead Sea.

מקווה לראות אותך שוב!

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