I went to Kenya three years ago with Kenya Airways, it was Lizette who was in charged, now she is with a different airline already. During this trip I had the amazing opportunity to meet the Editor in Chief of TravelNow Magazine, Marbee is still a very good friend but we rarely talk now, maybe that’s the thing about life whenever we get a chance to spend time with people we love we just make the most out of it because we never know when we find time again in this lifetime to be with them. Life is happening so fast to everyone I believe, we tend to forget about how important good people are in life to stay inspired. Choose your friends carefully, they contribute a huge part to who you are!

Chillin like a boss while we were going crazy about him. I took thousands of photos of this cutie. 

Do you there are white giraffes? I did not see one but our tour guide said they are real, you can see of them in Kenya.

I was also able to spend some time with these locals in Masai Village, they were amazing and the lady even gave me a bracelet which I still have now. I keep things I get from the locals, those small gestures remind me how beautiful life, a simple act of love yet you keep these memories with you forever. 

As I was browsing my old photos I just realized how much I have improved in time. This is was my first trip with my Canon 5D Mark III, it was my best trip with this camera, learned so much in one trip. But the cutest thing about this photo is I did not know that time what long exposure was, I mean look at the falls. 

Angalia Tena Hivi Karibuni!

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