It’s been a while since I wrote on the website, been extremely busy in preparation for 2019 and 2020 but I am back! I decided to spend the holidays in Latin America so that I am ahead of the game, in terms of travel agencies, since this continent is not being promoted that much in the Philippines.

I am very confident to say — and I’m claiming it! — that this is the future of Access Travel, to sell tours like this! I will make sure to always be unique and take a different road by personally visiting places that are thought to be dangerous or different.

My stay in Mexico was exciting and exhausting; exciting because it’s my first time here, exhausting because I am struggling with the time difference since I also have to work with the Manila team who are awake when I’m supposed to be asleep. As I always say, the life of an Entrepreneur is very rewarding but stressful at the same time. Social media portrays the Entrepreneurs as people who live glamorous lives, but behind that comes the stress and struggles to maintain a business. Especially when it’s similar to Access Travel where it requires me to be away most of the time while looking after thirty people back home.

Anyway, overall, my first time in Mexico was beyond amazing and I am excited to bring this destination closer to the Philippines!

For people who would like to visit this country, get in touch with our team at Please note that most of our trips are based on private so we can follow your desired travel times and the experiences you would like to have in every country.

Gracias! See you!

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