Morocco you did not fail me with your beauty! You were as perfect as I imagined, I completely fell in love with you. At first, I was scared, I heard so many bad experiences of people in this country but you completely amazed me! Unfortunately, I had one experience in Fez with our tour guide because he misunderstood one single thing about a dollar. On this trip, I also had the chance to meet the owner of one amazing travel company based in Morocco, Yosseff you are the craziest tour guide I’ve met in my whole life, all I did on this trip was laugh and argue with this person about me being single and always ending up choosing the wrong guy. I am running a tour here next year yay!

The views are just lovely. You get a certain sense of enlightenment in Morocco.

What's not to love about Morocco? Everything is Instagram worthy, I cannot wait to go back. 

أتمنى لك يوماً عظيماً

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