I went to Myanmar for 7 days last December of 2016 and I would not say this was one of the best trips because I personally think the people were not that friendly, of course, every person gets a unique experience from every place. One thing I won’t forget about this trip is that we took a bus from Yangon to Bagan, it was intense I never ride buses as much as possible because you spend so much time on the road. I don’t know if it’s just me but Bagan was just okay for me, this is a place I don’t think I am going back anytime soon.  Overall Myanmar was good but not great for me.

After traveling for 14 hours we finally reached Bagan...

Sunsets were also awesome even we really had a hard time looking for a place to enjoy this beautiful moment. 

Overall I did have fun going around temples and learning more about Buddhism, I am obsessed with this religion and I am really looking forward to studying more of it in Nepal, Bhutan or Tibet. 


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