I don’t know why I went o Nepal alone but I am glad I did myself without anyone. I did this first before going to Bhutan, all the hikes to watch the sunrises in Nepal I still have clear pictures of everything in mind. On this trip I met Rina, usually, when I travel alone I always get a private guide and driver because I just can’t do it myself, I want to learn as much as I can about a country while I am there. I know the trend nowadays is go on your own, then what? You come home with just photos and not a single knowledge about that place. I am not saying this because I run a travel company but isn’t that’s why we travel to gain more learnings from different cultures and people?

The highlight of this trip was taking the sunrise Everest flight for 45 minutes.

Rina made sure I learn everything while I was in Nepal, she even took me to her house to meet her family. This is the most amazing part of job, I meet new people every single day. 

I stayed a small hotel here which was zero star I believe but I got the 5-star memories from them, they made me feel VIP by cooking special food me every day. Will always remember the day when I went to each house in this village to say hi to the locals. 

Learned so much about Buddhism and Hinduism on this trip, two religions I am really obsessed with. Looking forward to learning more. What an amazing world we live in!

शुभ दिन हो! तपाईलाई हेर्नुहोस्!

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