New York Christmas

      What is Christmas for you? Mine has been always spending this day with my family, and the season with my friends yes I am that kind of person, I am very close to my family and friends, they mean everything to me, at age of 26 I still live with my Mother in the Philippines. Some of us flew from the Manila to New York to meet my family, we spent a week in NYC eating, doing nothing and sleeping. One of my best friends from College lives in NYC, no trip to Big Apple is complete seeing her. I spent less than 24 hours with Yoki because she had to work but one thing I love the most about my old friends is no matter how far we live from each other it does not really matter when we see each other feels like nothing really changed over time. I also got a chance to spend two days with Leila, a French girl I met in Madrid when I was crying over some stupid things, she randomly asked me to take her photos then tada now we are almost best friends, spending Christmas, Oh come on! We even went to a Psychic, I know sometimes I love doing crazy with people I love.

     What’s with New York? This city this very close to my heart, every time I visit I surely go home with a lot of inspiration. Have you ever felt that connection with a place that you never want to leave and wish you could stay there for good, I feel that way for NYC, my dream of living here is still alive after eight years.  When I took my internship in the US 8 years ago, this is where I first landed and trust me I still remember how I felt when I saw the yellow taxis. No, seriously I’ve been traveling my whole life, my parents were so supportive of me seeing the world, I wished for this since I was six, one thing is for sure that I’ve been doing this before Instagram was even a thing, it was more fun back then, just traveling no pressure of taking photos and posting on social media. Maybe some people are just born to do some things. I never really imagined myself doing anything else but what I am doing now, I am on the right track never feels like I’ve been doing this for the last six years, every flight feels like it’s my first day at work.

What's not to love about Big Apple? Ahhhh I will live here once in my life for sure.

On this trip despite eating nonstop every single day, I am pretty much sure I did not gain weight because I walked almost 30,000 steps a day. I know it's insane but the best way to stay fit when traveling!

Merry Christmas!

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