New Zealand

New Zealand is a paradise I did not expect I would fall in love with, it looked totally like Iceland to me but less cold when we visited it last May of 2016. I decided to stay in Queenstown, feels like this is the center of NZ, from amazing landscapes to perfect shaped mountains and so on. The best part of this trip was I traveled with Charles, my best friend who lives in Sydney, we talk to each other every day despite living on two different continents. During this trip, we realized that the secret of living a good life is you choose your friends very well, what makes life amazing is the people we spend our time with. As I always say, never travel with people you don’t love. I have already made this mistake not bring some people I did not get along with, now I am wiser.

One thing I absolutely love is driving everywhere when I travel, I love the feeling of seeing everything while driving, it's always the journey that matters rather than the destination itself, especially when you travel with amazing people who totally love. During this trip, I remember I drove for eight hours then when we arrived at the hotel for some reasons it was closed and we ended up sleeping in the car. Charles is the total opposite of me, he loves to plan everything and here I am always spontaneous, I am honestly really bad at planning and I get really excited when random things happen. Plans are boring, don't get me wrong on this!

I drove from Queenstown to Milford Sound back and forth, yes all in one day, we did not find any place to stay and for some reasons that I do not remember we wanted to go back to our place. It was exhausting but Charles and I did stargazing in the middle of nowhere. These are the moments I treasure for a lifetime, I always tell my friends that I cannot give them expensive material things but I promise to give them the best experiences in life.

I honestly don't know how to caption this photo, too much beauty in one. This is a scene from our Milford Sound roadtrip.

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