My first out of the country was Paris, this was my field trip from college. I took my bachelor degree at College of Saint Benilde in Manila. I still remember the first time I saw Eiffel Tower, I cried so much and that was the day when I told myself I am traveling for work no matter what, I will do everything it takes to make that dream possible. That trip was last 2010, today at age of 26 I am living my dream because God knows how hard I worked to be here, to be honest, I actually work way more than now compared to before when I was just starting out with my travel company business. No pain, no gain! I am obsessed my job and I always say, I will do everything in my power to survive life and business.

There is just something about Paris that never fails to inspire me and go on with my life. This place reminds me of how small I used to be and now I am finally this self-made successful person I've always wanted to be. When I say successful, it's not about money, I measure my success with the life I am living right now, well up to this moment I still do not have money and material things so I am not rich but indeed very happy with everything.  

My favorite season to visit Paris is Fall, it always has been that season. I can't wait for next year, definitely going back. This was my 8th visit! I know it's insane how hard I fall for some destinations, I just can't stop myself from going back again and again. Same subject but always different stories. 

Bisous! Au Revoir!

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