I’ve become really obsessed with Peru and everything that comes with it, it has become one of my favorite destinations that I wouldn’t mind going back to a lot because I personally really enjoy my time there. The people are so nice and helpful, which makes me feel so safe even if I’m traveling alone, and it also helps that they really make an effort to talk in English!

Another thing I wouldn’t mind going back for in Peru is their food! It’s so good, and I really love eating authentic Peruvian Ceviche; and even though it’s not healthy to eat it every day, I feel like I could! But of course the star of Peru, and the landmark they’re really known for, Machu Picchu is somewhere I would always love to visit. There’s something so magical and ethereal about it that I can’t explain. (Fun fact: The Andean Civilization was started in Peru, which really piqued my interest and I started learning more about it!)

Going back there last December reminded me of my first trip there four years ago. During that time, I was contemplating whether I should continue working on Access because I felt like I couldn’t handle it and I felt like that trip to Peru was going to be my last trip. But here we are, on the ninth year of Access!

My last trip reassured me that this is the next main product of Access Travel because of all your feedback, and the inspiration one single photo gave to so many of you; and that’s part of my dream for Access, to bring Filipinos closer to the world while sharing my story.

I knew something was so magical about Peru!

Access Travel Takes You To Peru

Gracias! See you!

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