I was with the wrong man for five years, I thought he was helping me with life and business but NO NO, he was just someone who kept on getting everything he could. My business became so successful and famous in a very short time and this man totally took advantage of everything that was happening to me. I finally decided to say goodbye to him and went on a trip to South America with strangers from all over the world, I joined a group tour and this was where I met Ally from Atlanta, who is a very good friend now, we even went to Coron together just this year with her boyfriend.  Seeing Machu Picchu in real life was just magical! I also met Jake on this trip, I am still in touch with him after two years, I send him postcards from everywhere I go and we had a dinner in Morocco last October. Yes, I keep people I like close to me no matter how far they are from me.

I arrived a day before the tour started, I was able to roam around Cusco for a day and this is when I had the chance to photograph these girls. They ask for money though, usually 1usd per photo. 

Our Peruvian guide took us to his house for lunch and that's where I met his son. 

Can you just imagine waking up to this view? We spent two days in this place, of course, Ally and I had fun hiking around before taking the Inca rail to Machu Picchu. 

There were even fields like this. Like they belong in a dream.

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