Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, I still remember the first time I was here people did not know where the Philippines is. Up to this moment, there are still people in this country who are not familiar with my home country, when I show them photos of El Nido , Coron, and Boracay they just get amazed and envy us for living in a  very beautiful country. Isn’t ironic how people in Asia want to move to Europe and the Europeans want to here to our continent? Seriously if I find an Icelandic man I would love to move here.

I have visited Iceland for seven times, I am the kind of traveler who does not have a bucket list and travels just for the sake of doing that or I am not really after completing a certain kind of list. When I am in love with one place I just keep on going back and back, I am obsessed with Iceland and everyone knows that I believe. People are even starting to ask if I have a boyfriend in Reykjavik, how I wish though. 

The most postcards I've ever sent are from Iceland, more or less around 500 postcards. This 2017 I was in Iceland for 4 times, and I am already looking forward to all the Aurora tours I am leading next year. Can't wait to go back to make new memories and friends. 

Fall is all time favorite season... nothing else to say, just look at all these beautiful photos. 


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