I remember the first time I went to Rome, it was my Mom, I booked everything wrong, from Paris we flew to Rome then back to Amsterdam and this was like four years ago. It’s amazing how we seriously learn tons of knowledge from things we do in life. I’ve lost the count how many times I had to go to Europe to make sure I get to study this continent very well. Filipinos are addicted to the idea of Europe, just my opinion, the market in the Philippines is not yet ready for extreme travel like remote places in Africa, India, Nepal, and Bhutan. I think the people are so used to having a privileged life, I am in a tour right now in Holyland while uploading these photos and most of the people are complaining about food, transportation, how the place smells and etc. Well maybe not everyone but may just the people I encounter in this industry, I hope while the travel and tourism are growing around the Globe, we people evolve as well in terms of travel, travel to see the world not to experience cities like Paris again and again, go beyond these fancy cities.  Real traveling is when you talk to people when I say people, I mean the locals, eat what they eat, act like how they act, ask about their daily lives and reconnect with them via social media once a while. What’s the sense of traveling after all if you will just complain about how your life is back home, I suggest just stay at home and save that money for something else that would make you happy. Just my opinion, sometimes I think traveling is not for everyone, some people just do it for social media and just to be on top of the game among their friends.

One thing I don't understand is why people always think I am always on diet and I don't eat for the sake of bikini photos on social media. It's absurd, I would never deprive myself just to look good, I seriously eat normal food, of course, everything in moderation. I am not a model who needs to maintain her body for a show, I am a normal human being who loves to eat just like everyone. Food is life!

I love roaming around Rome, I know people say it's not safe blah blah but our safety is always in our own hands, when traveling you don't really need to show off too much. I know people get carried away and end up dressing up when traveling, which is totally normal but don't forget this also catches the attention of bad people. So watch out and dress as simple as you can!


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