I went to Seville last February of 2017 to celebrate my birthday, during this trip I was supposed to meet a man which did not happen because he decided to not show up even I was in Spain for three weekends. During this trip, I learned one lesson, no matter how successful, beautiful, sexy and talented you are people will always treat you bad, why? They just don’t care, when people show you that attitude believe them! But overall this trip was a blast with my friend Rhona and this was our last trip together before she found she was pregnant with her first baby.

Walking around Seville wearing this classic Flamenco costume, I am crazy sometimes, well not just sometimes but most of the time. 

February gets really chilly in Seville during mornings and evening but days are usually sunny and beautiful. 

No wonder why Seville is listed on 2018 must-visit cities.


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