Siargao was a virgin island to me last year and this year I was shocked how people invaded this beautiful place, I hope this place won’t become like Boracay, I believe that’s what the government is not monitoring here, they allow people to take advantage of a place, the big players go to a place and start bringing commercialization. I know we all need improvement in our lives but some things are better if we just let them grow on their own, everything evolves with a natural process, I personally think if just help boosting the tourism of a place by sending more tourists that automatically help the lives of locals who strive very hard to make a living on island.

Para para para paradise...

There was a time when I wanted to move to Siargao.

We met two Photographers on this trip who took thousands of photos of me, they were funny at first but they became annoying when they started to ask me about personal stuff, then me being me I left them in the middle of nowhere and left with the driver who was driving the motorcycle. Bad men need to learn lessons from a tough woman. 

I went to Siargao with Karla, it's absurd how we don't talk to each other anymore. 

Ang ganda ng Pinas!

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