South Africa

Unfortunately, when I went to South Africa there was a storm after twenty five years, I did not hike and the Table Mountain was covered with clouds, despite all these factors I fell in love with this city and I am definitely looking forward to going back this May, 2018. One of the highlights of this trip was we tried so may kinds of wine and I swear I’ve never had this much wine in my entire life, I was dancing alone in our hotel room.  Moving forward to our Safari which we did in Kruger National Park, we did not see a Rhino but isnt how nature works no matter perfectly we plan our trips we always tend to miss something when we talk about Mother Nature. Now, I have good reasons to go back again and do everything I missed last time.

Woke up at 4 am for 5 days just to see them every morning. #CoupleGoals

I hope future generations get a chance to see how beautiful Mother Earth is, including all these beautiful creatures.

Jabulela usuku lwakho!

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