Last week I went to Sydney without any plans, my original plan was to stay for two weeks because I wanted off from work then Lucky 13 Philippines campaign happened very last minute, so I totally forgot to book my trip and plan it. My best friend lives in Sydney, I literally talk to him every single day about everything, he is clingy af  ( Hi Charles!). I honestly don’t know how to write about this trip, everything was so different from what I expected.  There is one thing that made this trip really special, a guy I met way back somewhere, we managed to stay in touch with each other, I don’t know why but yes we both did, I usually make effort to message him for lunch or dinner whenever I am in Australia but this time it was something different. Isn’t amazing how we spend very few good moments with someone and they end up becoming sort of special to you for no reason at all, I don’t know him so well but I feel good around him, he is very quiet  so I really don’t know how he thinks and sometimes I don’t even understand why I do some things in life.  I know it’s nothing but why make effort to spend time with someone which is really weird but cute, I just had fun and it felt nice, all that matters to me is that for the first time  I didn’t ask questions from a man and I just followed whatever he said. Until we see each other again, who knows, the world is very small after all.

   I am very picky with people I spend time with, aside from most of the people don’t have good intentions, I know only a few are happy for me and for everything happening to me right now so why waste time with people who don’t make you happy.  So, in short, I flew to Sydney because he texted me January 12 asking if I would be in Australia on the 13th because that was the original plan, that’s what I texted him obviously when I was planning this trip, so I guess he wrote it on this calendar or whatsoever and he remembered. I gotta admit I was flattered and happy that he remembered, so yeah me being Angely I booked last minute trip to Sydney just to see him. I am not going to lie,  yes, of course, I was there just to see him hahaha and okay fine my friends this doesn’t make sense but I am happy. It’s crazy when I don’t think and just attack like a warrior without expecting anything from anyone.   If you are reading this, I had a wonderful time you even you didn’t reply to my message (haha) that’s fine, I just wanted to do something nice for my birthday.  Doing crazy things once in a while give me the inspiration to go on with life no matter how hard it gets, it’s fulfilling when I get to do things that scare me a lot, I am really bad with men but this year I promised myself I want to meet more men until I finally meet the one. And we only live once so I take risks most of the time without any expectations and drama. Trust me, it really feels good.

   Final words, I already love myself way too much so I am ready to share this love and care with other people even some of them don’t really care, why? Just because it feels good and I am the kind of girl who would do any crazy thing for the sake of making myself happy. What ifs are worst regrets you can have in life and I just can’t take it when I need to ask myself that question, again and again, so now I am back to work, I am just so inspired and happy.  Take chances, face your fears and be inspired! Doing this kind of things always give me so much strength to go on with my life, ahhh so much excitement and joy!

Spending Australia Day was a plus! Charles and I did the Coastal Walk from Coogee to Bondi! Ahhhhh Australia is the best seriously! <3 I miss youuuu so much Sydney!

Always happiest to be in Australia!


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