I went to Tibet last 2015 with an American guide who lived in Tibet for fourteen years, he gave up his life in American to help the Tibetans, I was looking for a person to look up to in my industry and that’s when I saw his account on Instagram. Unfortunately, I can’t mention his name due to security purposes, he made me fall in love with this country so much, yes I still consider Tibet a country despite being under China now. I always look forward to trips like this because not everyone is willing to be out of comfort zone and see real life of people and what’s really going on in poor nations like Tibet. In the future, I am excited to learn more about Tibetan Buddhism and I would love to go back here to meet Dalai Lama someday.

I had this once in a lifetime opportunity to spend 10 days of life with the beautiful people from Tibet, all of them were so nice and some of them even thought I was a star from Bollywood. This country made me realize what life is really about, Dalai Lama is my ultimate hero, I look up to him so much and I can't wait to see him in person someday. 

Buddhism is the main religion in Tibet, it's amazing how committed the Tibetans are to their religion, I witnessed them going to the temples early in the morning, it was fascinating how the kids knew all the prayers. China took over this country 50 years ago and they even destroyed most of their spiritual monuments, even Dalai Lama he left Tibet just to make sure his people won't suffer I believe. So many stories to tell about this place but I'd rather stay quiet because it is very sensitive to even mention Dalai Lama in Tibet. 

Visiting Tibet made me realize how blessed I am with my life, it's sad how people are suffering. It's always wrong to treat people bad just because they are weak to speak for themselves, I really hope someday Tibet get their independence from China and Dalai Lama could go back to his country.

For some Tibetans, it was their first time to see a foreigner. It was indeed life-changing. I remember every person I met on the trip, I will never forget the faces  I encountered during my 10 days in Tibet. 

ཨཱིཏ་ ཝས་ ནིཅེ་ ཏོ་ བེ་ ཧེརེ་!

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