In general, I think Spain is so chill, people are so friendly and always smiling especially when you go to places like Toledo and Segovia which are a few minutes away from Madrid. At first, they are quiet but once you start making conversations with them they will start talking to you even English is kinda hard for them, for me, I really think Spanish people are one of the nicest I have ever encountered. Being friendly, jolly, partying and always eating is just in their beautiful culture. There was a time in my life when I really wanted to learn Flamenco, check my Seville album where I walked around this city wearing traditional Flamenco costume.

This trip was extra special because I traveled with a very close friend of mine Rhona who is married to an Icelandic,  during the trip we found out she was pregnant, she waited years for this to happen and we were almost crying when we saw the pregnancy test was positive. Hi baby Rorie!

Adios! Hablamos luego!

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