I went to Turkey three years ago alone, it used to be my thing like just go somewhere without anyone with me, now aside from I already know myself way too much, I don’t think I ever want to travel alone anymore, it’s always better to share the fun times with a friend but always remember to not travel with people you do not love  The downside of that is you won’t have a single decent photo of yourself , before it was okay but now all my business is on Instagram so I really need to make the best marketing materials to promote a destination. On this trip, I had to do everything all over again but as always Turkey never fails to amaze me with its history, charm and delicious food.

I woke up at 4 AM just to make sure I get to the Blue Mosque before sunrise to take my photos and videos without photobombers. I was so tired and I fell asleep on the floor for almost two hours while waiting for the Mosque to open. Best Istanbul trip ever with my friend Candice. 

I just had 5 days to take photos and shoot our video in Turkey, we made the most out of it. I met a Japanese surfer in Cappadocia who was traveling the world alone. Hi Johei, hope you get a chance to read this. 

Yakında tekrar görüşmek üzere!

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