UnSEAn Campaign: the Southeast Asian Tour

This year, I wanted to go back to my roots, and explore Southeast Asia! The idea of our campaign “unSEAn” is to land in the capital city but explore the countryside, in like a parallel story type. We decided to feature five countries: Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

When I started Access Travel, these were some of the countries that I’ve been to so many times before since they were so close to the Philippines but during this trip, I applied everything that I’ve learned from my past trips, I started seeing things from a different perspective.

I used to only aspire to go to the popular vacation destinations far away but now that I’ve seen most of it, I think I’ve grown a different appreciation for the Asian countries because this is where I feel like I belong, I felt like this was my home. So going back to these Asian countries made me feel sentimental and nostalgic, like “this is where I started Access Travel.”

A few of the things that I appreciate and missed about Asian countries are the belongingness I feel, and the hospitality of people; there really is a different kind of warmth to Southeast Asians when dealing with foreigners, they really make you feel comfortable and welcomed. But one of the things that really amazed me is the perfect balance between modern touches of technology while maintaining true to its roots and culture.

While the whole campaign was a work trip, I had the most amazing time ever and that is mostly because of the people that were there to help and support this campaign for Access Travel. The brands that supported our ideas; the Access team in Manila, the videographer I took with me, the tour guides, and the locals who really helped me execute my vision and turned it into a reality. It made it feel like I wasn’t alone at all in working towards the mission and vision of Access, and collectively say “we made it!”

The trip got even more fun when I got to spend a full day with the elephants in Thailand and saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen in Myanmar.

I hope that through this campaign we’ve shown you (you, the person who’s been bitten by the travel bug,) that you can start seeing the world by exploring and appreciation places that are near you.

សូមអរគុណ! ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ်! Terima kasih! ขอบคุณ! cảm ơn bạn! See you!

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